The overall concept has the above activities held within a modular framework of steel and concrete that is enclosed with glass and a secondary ‘skin’ or Korowhai (cloak) protection. This fabric (cloak/weave) is a climatic layer that provides solar/privacy options as well as a dynamic, cultural ‘billboard’ (allowing for signage, lighting and pattern making). A unique and iconic statement for Christchurch.

The simplicity of the form, in both plan and section, allows for an exciting structural response that will incorporate a series of roof enclosure options.

The mixed-use activities around the perimeter of the development can be occupied 24/7, offering a wide range work/play scenarios that will enhance this East side of the City (e.g. East Frame Housing).

The ‘linear’ spatial assemblage of the proposed multi-purpose development is further enhanced by the proposed boulevard of trees on either side of the arena (Madras and Barbadoes Streets) where the simple layering of zones, edges, axis, walkways, allows for the safe integration of public and transport. The proposed design envisages an ICONIC/FLEXIBLE/PEOPLE PLACE, that integrates civic/public activities in a flexible multipurpose build (catering to sports, exhibitions, art, community programs, development opportunities) for the benefit of all Christchurch / Canterbury / South Island, including Regional and International visitors.

 S K E T C H E S


The mixed-use precinct includes:

·        Christchurch Multi-Purpose Arena and Corporate facilities

·        Exhibition Halls and Events Centre

·        2 x Office Buildings

·        2 x Hotels

·        Gym, Sauna

·        Medical, Health facilities

·        Education, Arts

·        High Performance Facility

·        Retail

·        Entertainment

·        Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

·        Sports Museum

·        Transport Hub (Buses), above and below grade Parking.