NZ, Christchurch



NZIA Local Residential Award

The clients were keen to explore the 'materiality' of the house through the use of concrete. This study included the potential sculptural tectonics of the built form. The location of this rear, North facing section with neighboring dual right-of-way access on both East and West boundaries has allowed the three dimensional mass to take full advantage of this reduction in side yard restrictions established by the typically demanding recession planes. 


The first design strategy involved the layering of two contrasting pavilions, one transparent and the other solid, juxtaposed around the double height gallery space (axis) containing the client's art and a stair up to the first floor accommodation. This highly glazed East/West axis is visually and physically connected to the main entry situated below a double height arch, created within the overall concrete form of the North facing 'living' pavilion. The arch which frames the sky beyond and signifies entry is connected to the street via a 2 meter high screening device in the form of a plastered wall that mediates the privacy of the buildings occupants by shielding the large formal north facing landscaped court from the pedestrian and vehicular entry court. A louvered aluminium screen inserted into the upper level of the concrete form continues the heightened sense of layering and transparency while providing solar control to the two-story glass curtain wall.