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Cotter Merivale


Christchurch, New Zealand


(Received as Director of Thom Craig Architect)

NZIA Hospitality and Retail Award

The arrival of these three small shops – an early rebuild on Papanui Road in Merivale – was a surprise and source of intrigue for many in the neighbourhood.

Cloaked in copper, the outer envelope has been folded and faceted in the manner of a garment, a concept entirely appropriate to Merivale’s reputation as a fashion destination. The buildings sit nimbly on a corner site, in scale with the surroundings yet obviously contemporary and somehow slightly strange, like much new fashion when it first arrives. Each building is a variation on the other, with different high spatial volumes within. Two ceilings steeply rise to a single roof-light, adding drama to the retail spaces. This trio of shops is a sophisticated piece of form making, and a charming work of architecture.

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